The Mabinogi

Translations of each of the tales of the Four Branches of The Mabinogi


Text Translations

A new translation of the Four Branches is presented here, with the kind permission of the author and copyright holder - medievalist Will Parker.

Will's website is Linc allanol: Agorir mewn ffenestr newydd.

The translations that appear on the following pages exclude the detailed annotations the author has researched and made on various literary, historical and linguistic aspects of the text. These notes refer to themes discussed more fully in the book - The Four Branches of the Mabinogi (Bardic Press: 2007) which is available to buy now.

You can see the book (and buy it if you wish) directly from Amazon.

Read the translations of each of the Four Branches of The Mabinogi by selecting the appropriate tale from the following list:

  »»  Branch 1: Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed
  »»  Branch 2: Branwen, Daughter of Llŷr
  »»  Branch 3: Manawyddan, son of Llŷr
  »»  Branch 4: Math, son of Mathonwy

Notes on translation

This is a literal translation of White Book text: using the Dublin Advanced Studies edition for the First and Second Branches, and Ifor Williams' Pedeir Keinc Y Mabinogi (1951) for the Third and Fourth Branches.

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