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Searching for the family of William Jones, Llanllyfni



To the users of the website,

I have recently received a gift from friends in Holland. It is an 1809 edition of the bible printed in Welsh and I would really like to find where the bible originated.

The inscription reads it belonged to a family living near Llanllyfni church. William Jones, passed away August 31st 1928, buried at Llanllyfni church September 4th 1928. Wife Edith. The back page has the names Robert and Mary Williams 1839.

I wondered if you may be able to help me trace the family if any remain, as I would very much like to return the book to it's true owners.

The book was purchased from Wales over forty years ago by a Dutch gentleman and taken back to Holland up until it arriving back in Wales this year.

Thank you for your time.

Jane Davis.

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