Request for information:

Griffith, Capel Bethel / Bethel Chapel, Penygroes



Dear Sir/Madam,

I found your website. My family came from Penygroes.

My great grandmother Mary Griffith lived in the manse at Bethel Chapel and looked after the chapel. Her husband John was a quarryman. They had three children but like many Welsh, left and went to Liverpool.

I loved seeing the old photos and how the village looked. I have been to Penygroes quite a few times and was there when they were converting the chapel to town houses and the manse had gone.

My grandmother ended up in Australia with her husband and brought great grandmother out here. I was brought up in the Welsh Church in Melbourne where there was a large Welsh community.

Thank you for putting these photos up.

Kind regards,
Dr Jennifer Critchley

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