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Looking for descendants of Henry and Margaret Williams, Llanllyfni



My grandmother Elizabeth (Lizzie) was born to Henry (b.1850, Llaniestyn) and Margaret (b.1856, Botwnog) Williams of 16 Baptist Street, Llanllyfni, in 1885. She later married Robert Griffith Jones of Siop Newydd, Cesarea (Fron). She had at least 9 brothers and sisters and I know that one of them (Jane) emigrated to the USA. I am looking for relatives descended from my grandmother's siblings and would be grateful for any information received in connection with any of these people.

Their names are Griffith (b.1875), William (b.1877), Mary (b.1880), Margaret (b.1882), Jane (b.1883), Cattie (b.1887), Grace (b.1890), Robert Henry (b.1892) and David (b.1892). All dates are approximate. I'm hoping that most of them stayed in the area and that their grandchildren are still about.

Thank you,
Gareth Roberts.

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