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My name is Rachel Sian Rowlands and I have some information upon Ty'n y Fawnog which may be useful to those researchers tracing the history of the place and the families that lived there.

It may not be helpful, or relevant... but I do know that my grandfather William Eifion Rowlands lived there with his parents for many years when he was young, and was born in parc bell just up above it.. and my grandfather was born and lived there from 1926 until approx 1936... I Believe his parents lived there a while before he was born too. And they used to keep a cow in the attatched almost barn on the right side of the house next to my grandfather's room.

I can do some digging in the family and find out more if this information is of any use?

Hope it may benefit in some way.

Sian Rowlands.

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Hi Sian and many thanks for taking the time to contact us. is run by a very small group of volunteers so we depend heavily on the input of others when adding to the content of the website.

Ty'n y Fawnog has seen interest from quite a few people who have contributed in some way, and we would be very grateful for any additional details you and your family may be able to provide.

Any information, dates, photos, etc. will be very gratefully received and then added to the website.

We may also be able to put you in touch with others who have contributed in case you are able to reunite a long lost family comnnection perhaps?

Many thanks in advance,
The Team.


Hello again,

It has taken me quite a while to dig around and such, plus been very busy year having just started University.

So it turns out my Taid (William Eifion Rowlands) lived at the house supposedly from the age of about 4 to 10 whereby he moved down into Tal y Sarn. From those ages he and his parents would have lived in the house from 1930 to 1940 or so, I can't be completely sure. I know that before to living there he was born and lived up the hill behind in another house near to Cilgwyn.

Also there is the remains of a structure with 4 large slate slabs just behind the house if you take the steps to the right of it. After a few discussions with family etc. We've come to the conclusion that it seems likely that this was the foundation for another animal pen. There was the small shed to the right of the house and the last room on the right held the cow according to Taid... but I am studying agriculture at university now and it does look like old foundations for a sturdy but small animal pen. (I could be completely wrong!)

I wondered if anyone has any idea as to who may have lived in the house before my Taid and his parents did? Chances are that they are of no relation but it is worth a try!

Since my Taid passed away we scattered his ashes up at Ty'n y Fawnog and try and take my Nain to visit as often as possible, it would be lovely to be able to tell her some more about the place we cherish to visit so much.

Apologies about how long I've taken to reply!


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