Request for information:

Macpeleh Cemetery, Penygroes:
Owen and Jane Jones



Last year, with the help of Mrs.Johnson, Clerk to the Community Coucil, I found the grave of my great grandparents, Owen and Jane Jones. I visited Macpeleh in the autumn and attempted to read and copy the memorial inscription, but as the writing was weathered and in Welsh (which I no longer speak) I was unable to write the details down.

I have a huge favour to ask, would it be possible for some kind person to copy the details in Welsh, and an English translation?

The grave is in the old section, by the gate nearest to Penygroes, first block on the right, A, grave 1146. (written on back).

Owen Jones died 1885 and Jane Jones died 1908 , of Tynant Uchaf, Nantlle.

I realise it is asking a lot, but I would be most grateful.

Glenys Lloyd.

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