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Thomas John Pritchard, 4 Nantlle Terrace



Hello and thanks for the interesting website.

I am attaching 4 photos which were taken on a family holiday in North Wales. I have always believed the row of cottages where we stayed to be Nantlle Terrace, but recently I saw one of the old photos on your site of Nantlle Terrace and now I wonder if I am mistaken.

This is the story...

My grandfather (Thomas John Pritchard) lived in 4 Nantlle Terrace with his grandmother (Mrs Ellen Jones) and was still shown as living there in the 1911 Census. He moved to South Wales shortly after that and married my grandmother in 1916. My grandfather died in 1960 and I have always assumed that the family trip to North Wales, which I think was the same year, was so that my father could visit the rest of his family. I was about 10 years old at the time so don't remember much about it.

I have made the same mistake as many people I am sure and left it too late to ask family members - my father died in 2003.

I wondered if you could tell me whether the row of houses in the pictures is in fact Nantlle Terrace and does it still exist.

There is also a view from the front of the cottage across fields (sorry it's very dark) but I think you can just see the edge of the lake.

I remember swimming in the lake with a friend - it was freezing!!

The man and woman standing outside the cottage are my mother and father.

The other mystery is the picture of the two men.

The man on the left in the white shirt is my father (Glyn Pritchard) but I don't know who the other man is. It seems unlikely that my father would have had his picture taken with a stranger. I don't think anyone from the family lived in Nantlle then but there must be some connection. Perhaps someone in the village will recognise him?

I don't know why my grandfather lived with his grandmother in Nantlle and not with his parents and siblings. They lived according to census records in Brynteg in Llandwrog. This is just for information in case it rings a bell with any one in Nantlle or nearby, I don't expect you to trace my ancestors but any information you could offer would be very helpful and interesting.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who may have any information.

Barbara Cleary (nee Pritchard).

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