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A Welsh community in the United States

Following the campaign for Pen yr Orsedd workshops on the BBC2 television Programme Restoration Village in 2006, a group from Delta in Pennsylvania in the United States of America contacted

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05.12.2007: Update from Delta PA

"More from Coulsontown"

Here are some updated photos of the cottages and the latest news from Coulsontown:

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The Museum in Delta has been chosen to take part in a pilot program for heritage tourism in York County, PA, which is a great opportunity. There's a great deal to be done, however, since the Museum has been sort of a "mom-and-pop" effort over the years.

Sorry to learn that Pen yr orsedd is at a standstill, but they mustn't lose heart! Things will work out for them eventually.

Keep well,

02.03.2009: Another update from Delta PA

Annwyl Cyfeillion (I hope I spelled that right...)

At long last, I've managed to get us on the Web!! Dic Baskwill - our Chapel minister - has looked it over and pronounced it a good start. Now I need you, my dear Welsh friends, to check it out and let me know what you think... whether I've done us (and you) any justice. It's only a beginning, but finally folks can see some of why we're passionate about promoting our Welsh heritage in Delta. Well - their Welsh heritage anyway, since I still can't find my Jenkins ancestors' place of origin...

I do welcome any and all suggestions and feedback.

Hwyl fawr a cariad i chi gyd,

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