Nantlle Valley History



The Coch y Bîg Meteorite

The first recorded meteorite fall in Wales happened near Pontllyfni in Gwynedd. It was just before midday on 14 April 1931 when the ground shook, and the people of the Nantlle Valley and the Llŷn peninsula heard a loud rumble.

Many thought they were experiencing an earthquake. A short time later, a meteorite was found within 50 yards of Coch y Bîg farmhouse.

Newspaper reports the following day told of the 5oz meteorite making a hole eight or nine inches deep in very hard ground, adding that the tenant farmer, John Lloyd Jones, was no more than 10 paces from the spot when it came down.

John Lloyd Jones and the Coch y Big Meteorite
Image: John Lloyd Jones and the Coch y Bîg Meteorite which fell 10 paces from where he stood.

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