Nantlle Valley History

Nebo & Nasareth


For information regarding the history of the villages of Nebo & Nasareth, please browse the following links:

  »»  A Brief History of Nebo and Nasareth before 1821

  »»  Circular Walks

  »»  Cofio fy Hen Ardal (a Welsh poem by J Hughes)

  »»  Constitution

  »»  Cors y Llyn

  »»  Family Herbal of Jones Llanllyfni Photo Gallery

  »»  Gallery Photo Gallery

  »»  History of Nasareth Chapel before 1890

  »»  Martha of Mynydd Llanllyfni

  »»  Mathonwy Hughes

  »»  My Time in Nebo During The War - Memories of an Evacuee

  »»  Nasareth Shop

  »»  Nasareth Post Office PDF Document

  »»  Nebo and Nasareth District Committee

  »»  Nebo Chapel

  »»  Nebo Mast

  »»  Place Names

  »»  Robert Jones, Ochr y Foel

  »»  The Great Snowstorm

  »»  The Life of Hugh Hughes - "The Slate King of America"

  »»  The Old Doctor of Mynydd Llanllyfni

  »»  The Families of Rhoslas

  »»  The Smallholdings of Rhoslas

  »»  Y Llwynog (a Welsh poem by R. Williams Parry)

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