Nantlle Valley History



For information regarding the history of the village of Penygroes, please browse the following links:

  »»  A Brief History of Penygroes and its Buildings

  »»  Dyffryn Nantlle Gardening Society Autumn Show ~ 31-10-2009 Photo Gallery

  »»  Dyffryn Nantlle Gardening Society Flower Show - 12-09-2009 Photo Gallery

  »»  Early 1980s Carnival Photo Gallery

  »»  George Fretwell

  »»  Graham Bell - "Just some old memories" (The Victoria Hotel, Penygroes)

  »»  Memories of my LMS Career

  »»  Nantlle Vale Show: November 8th, 1986

  »»  Old Photographs Photo Gallery

  »»  Old Postcards Photo Gallery

  »»  Photographs (taken by the users of Photo Gallery

  »»  The 1978 Carnival Photo Gallery

  »»  The Old Primary School Photo Gallery

  »»  Welsh Ministers Honour Local Young Artist

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