Nantlle Valley History




This community contains a number of substantial farmhouses dating from the time when the Wynnes' of Glynllifon and their predecessors dominated this part of the Arfon coastal strip.

One of these, Pennarth, the site of a bronze age burial chamber, situated on the minor road leading south-east from the village, is the Pennardd mentioned in the 'Mabinogion' - a collection of ancient Welsh stories of magic and mythology. Its archaeological and literary importance is discussed in the History of Clynnog Fawr section of this website under the headings 'Pennarth' and 'Clynnog in our very first literature.'

In the nineteenth century, coal carrying coastal vessels would be beached at low tide and their cargo transferred to Yr Iard (the Yard). A lime kiln was also located not far from Ty'n y Coed.

On the seashore between Aberdesach and Clynnog there stood a row of fishermen's cottages called Y Borth. The Gwynedd Archives at Caernarfon has a photograph of these taken in 1900. Another, much later, photograph, dating from 1975, of the by then ruined cottages, will be exhibited at Canolfan Hanes Uwchgwyrfai. Today, nothing remains of Y Borth, the site having been eroded by the sea.

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