Nantlle Valley History



Famous People From Llanllyfni

R. Silyn Roberts ~ 1871-1930

Born in Bryn Llidiart (now a ruin) on the side of Craig Cwm Dulyn. Crowned Bard in the 1902 National Eisteddfod of Wales in 1902. He published a volume of poetry “Trystan ac Estyllt a Chaniadau Eraill”, and after his death a second volume “Cyfarwydd” was published. At first he was a quarryman, then he went as a student to the University of North Wales in Bangor. He founded the North Wales Branch of the Workers Educational Association (WEA) in 1925 and was a prominent socialist.

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Mathonwy Hughes ~ 1901-99

He was a nephew of R. Silyn Roberts and son of a quarryman.
He was also born in Bryn Llidiart.
Poet and journalist. Chaired bard at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in Aberdare in 1956. He published a number of books and was sub-editor of the weekly Y Faner for more than a quarter of a century.

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R. Alun Roberts

He was born in Glan y Gors, also on the side of Graig Cwm Dulyn. A noted scholar and specialist in improving upland grazing land and the breeding of livestock. He was also a famous naturalist. For many years he took part in the radio nature programme Rhaglen Byd Natur.

Robert Jones ~ 1806-1896

Locally born preacher based in Llanllyfni, he became famous throughout Wales. He rejected Methodism and joined the Baptists, and became a great opponent of infant baptism. He composed over one thousand hymns, the most famous being "O! cenwch fawl i’r Arglwydd". (O! Sing praise unto the Lord.)

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