Nantlle Valley History

Rhyd Ddu


T.H. Parry Williams ~ 1887-1975

T.H. Parry WilliamsRecognised as 'the poet of the chair and the crown and a scholar' - T.H. Parry Williams was educated in Rhyd Ddu School; the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth; Oxford; Freiburg; and Sorbonne.

Image: T.H. Parry Williams.

Today, he is remembered by many as the author of the poem Hon, but he was also a nortable writer and scholar.

He died at the age of 87 in 1975, at his home in Aberystwyth.

A selection of his poems

  »»  Llyn y Gadair

  »»  Yr Esgyrn Hyn

T.H. Parry Williams and his motorbike
Image: T.H. Parry Williams with his motorcycle 'KC 16' (16 May 1920).
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