The Villages of the Nantlle Valley

Gyrn Goch


The small village is situated on a narrow strip of land between Caernarfon Bay and the mountain Gyrn Goch, 492m (1,500ft) which gives the hamlet its name. On the A499, 1 mile from Clynnog Fawr, some 10 miles south of Caernarfon and 9 miles north of Pwllheli. Afon Hen reaches the sea nearby. Former Chapel - Seion.

The Village of Gyrn Goch



Image: The village of Gyrn Goch




The area surrounding Gyrn Goch





Image: Gyrn Goch Mountain


Yr Hen Bont | The Old Bridge, Gyrn Goch






Image: 'Hen Bont' (The Old Bridge)

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